September 12, 2018

Senator Eddie Lambert is to be recognized by the Ascension CCA for his conservation efforts. He will be formally recognized at the CCA Banquet on Thursday September 20, 2018. Senator Lambert serves as vice-chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee. He also spoke at the East Ascension Sportsman’s League meeting on August 20, 2018.


Upcoming Ascension Public Forums in September

September 6, 2018

Senator Eddie Lambert has recently been informed of two upcoming opportunities for Ascension’s Residents to get their voices heard on possible new changes coming to our area.

One of these opportunities is an open house. “Join us to review and provide input on potential scenarios for the future of Ascension Parish. Scenarios help depict the story of how choices we make today will impact how the parish looks in the future. Four scenarios showing different types of growth will be explained by the planning team based on the previous community workshop results and outreach. Attendees will review each scenario and have the opportunity to comment on the key themes and components they like and dislike. ”

There is two chances to get involved in this open house.

When: September 26th                                                  When: September 27th

Where: Gonzales Civic Center                                        Where: Lowery Elementary School

219 South Irma Boulevard                                            2389 Hwy. 1 South

Gonzales, LA                                                                 Donaldsonville, LA

You are welcome to drop in from 5:30 – 8pm. Presentations will be given at 6 and 7 pm.


The next opportunity for Ascension’s Residents to be proactive in their community is a public meeting to discuss the placement of a roundabout at LA 44 and LA 941.

When: September 25th

Where:  Ascension Parish Governmental Complex, Large Conference Room

615 East Worthey Road

Gonzales, LA 70737

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 pm


Senator Lambert & State Senate Commends Brayden Aime for ACT Score

April 13, 2018

Senator Eddie Lambert and the Louisiana State Senate formally commended French Settlement High School student Brayden Aime for earning a 36–a  perfect score on his ACT test. Aime’s ACT test result is 18.5 points higher than the Louisiana average, and only approximately one-tenth of one percent of all test takers nation-wide achieve a perfect score. The Senate adopted Senate Resolution 53, authored by Senator Lambert, to formally commend Aime for his academic achievements.

Senator Eddie Lambert and Senator Dale Erdey present Brayden Aime and family with SR 53


Annual Lenten Seafood Fundraiser

Senator Eddie Lambert is happy to announce the date for his annual Lenten Seafood Campaign Fundraiser, which will be held on Friday, March 2, 2018, from 6:00-8:30 PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 230 Irma Blvd., in Gonzales. All are welcome to join us, visit with Senator Lambert, and enjoy great Louisiana seafood.

The cost is $50/person, or $25/per child under 18. If you have questions, would like to purchase tickets, or would like to help sell tickets, please call Eddie at (225) 647-9788.


Lambert Annual Survey Results

August 10, 2017

With each year’s legislative session, Senator Eddie Lambert sends annual surveys asking for the opinions of his constituents on a number and variety of issues that may arise during the legislative session. Senator Lambert is happy to share the results of the survey, and he sincerely thanks the hundreds and hundreds of people who responded to the survey.


  1. Do you favor eliminating the death penalty for First Degree Murder?

Yes  24%               No  76%

  1. Do you think the sentences for burglary offenses should be reduced?

Yes  14%               No  86%

  1. Do you support increasing the gasoline tax by approximately 17 cents per gallon, which would result in paying approximately $340 more per year on the purchase of 2,000 gallons of fuel?

Yes  20%               No  80%

  1. How would you rate the Department of Transportation & Development’s efficiency in managing its budget and construction projects?

Excellent  0%      Good  7%             Average  31%       Poor  62%

  1. Would you support an increase in the gasoline tax if the new revenue were constitutionally dedicated to construction and maintenance and not administrative expenses or studies?

Yes  52%               No  48%

  1. How do you propose dealing with the increased cost of the TOPS program?

Raise academic standards for TOPS                          68%

Appropriate a definitive sum per student              30%

Raise taxes to cover increased costs                         2%

  1. Pertaining to the state budget, what do you propose we do first?

Reduce spending                                                             76%

Reduce tax exemptions                                                 21%

Increase income taxes                                                   3%

  1. Would you favor maintaining the current 5 cents state sales tax instead of replacing it with another tax?

Yes  80%               No  20%


Lambert Introduces Legislation During the 2017 Legislative Session

April 3, 2017

In the regular legislative session that convenes on April 10, Senator Eddie Lambert has introduced 5 pieces of legislation that he will try to secure support and passage of. Regular sessions in odd-numbered years are “fiscal only” sessions that are geared towards tax and revenue issues, but each legislator is permitted to  introduce up to 5 bills that do not encompass fiscal matters. Senator Lambert’s Senate bills (SB) this session includes:

SB 76    Current law allows a criminal defendant charged with identity theft to be tried in the state or parish where the victim resides. SB 76 would expand the number of modern, “high tech” crimes to the list of crimes where a defendant can be tried in the state or parish where the victim resides. The additional crimes would include: unauthorized use of an access card, access device fraud, illegal transmission of monetary funds, bank fraud, forgery, and monetary instrument abuse.

SB 77    Current law prohibits the taking of shad and skipjack during the closed season and on weekends of the open season. SB 77 would allow the taking of shad and skipjack during the closed season and on weekends of the open season with a shad gill net for bait purposes only and with the additional limitations: the net shall not exceed 150 feet in length; no more than 50 lbs. of shad may be taken during a day; and the gill net shall be attended at all times. This legislation would not apply to any salt water species.

SB 135  Authorizes the issuance of Blue Star Family prestige license plates.

SB 156  Exempts certain portions of the rules regarding juvenile detentions in situations where the detention is for 30 days or less. Some of the rules that would be inapplicable for short detentions include dietary rules, rules regarding the height of ceilings in detention centers, or the rules regarding the layout of dining facilities, among other requirements.

SB 159  Would require that in instances where settlement money from an insurer for damage done to residential property be held in escrow and earn interest. The bill would require the suspension of mortgage payments while the money is held in escrow. The bill would require that whenever the residential property has been repaired to the satisfaction of the homeowner and the lender, the money held in escrow and the interest on the money, are to be paid to the homeowner.  A similar rule was initiated after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but were limited in scope and only applied to those two named storms.

For a detailed reading of any of Senator Lambert’s Senate bills this session, visit: Senator Lambert’s Legislation


Resources for Student Financial Assistance

January 31, 2017

With budget cuts affecting the Louisiana Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, commonly called the “TOPS” Program, families should maximize available information to search for additional scholarship and funding sources for schools, colleges, and universities. The resources available through the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) offer information on a wide variety of scholarship and funding availability.

The LOSFA phone number is 225-219-1012 or 800-259-5626. You can visit LOSFA on the web at  The LOSFA website has a wealth of information and includes TOPS information. It also has links for the financial aid websites of Louisiana schools.

The LSU Baton Rouge specific information may be obtained by calling 225-578-3103 or at



DOTD Slated To Begin Repairs of US 61/I-10 Ramp

April 19, 2016

The Department of Transportation and Development is entering the final planning stages for repairs to the US 61/I-10 ramp. The project is currently scheduled for August 10, 2016 letting (beginning of the project) and is now in an accelerated schedule in preparing the plans.

This project will repair major structural damage due to an over-height load that collided with a girder that supports the deck on the I-10 west on-ramp.

The approximately $900,000 project will go to bid later this summer, as stated previously, and should be completed within a year of its start date.


Turn Lanes at Intersection of La. Hwy. 44 and Black Bayou Has Begun

March 23, 2016

Construction has begun on left turn lanes at the intersection of La. Hwy 44 and Black Bayou is expected to be completed within 90 working days, which will improve efficiency and safety at the intersection.  “Road improvements for our strained road systems remains one of my highest priorities,” Senator Lambert said.